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Wonderful Nonsense

T'was brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe.

24 March 1988
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Hi, I'm Laura, I'm 24 years old and study English linguistics at a nice little college in southern Germany. My main fandom loves is Doctor Who (Six and Eight all the way), but I also enjoy a lot of other TV shows. I mostly just lurk in fandoms though and don't have any talents to speak of. In real life, I love reading, knitting, cats, rats, and horses (oh how I miss horseback riding). Aand that's it really. Feel free to friend me, but drop me a comment somewhere because I don't know if I get a notification here or what. *pokes LJ*

So that's a lie about not being active in fandom now. I'm a moderator in several communities, of which the most important one is brb_gallifrey (go check it out right now!), and I roleplay a number of mostly Doctor Who characters.

And here, have this perfectly accurate representation of my favorite ever Big Finish audio, Zagreus:
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